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How to plan for a  
Family Session

Family lifestyle sessions are so much fun! With some thoughtful preparation, it’s super easy to make those memories last a lifetime.


Here's a step-by-step guide to help you plan:

01. Date and Location
We will schedule a date and time that works for everyone in the family. Consider scheduling it during a time when everyone is typically well-rested and relaxed. Also, pick a location that holds significance or appeals to your family's style—whether it's a park, beach, urban setting, or even your own home. If you’re not sure, I’m here to help give recommendations. 

02. Let’s Talk Expectations
During our welcome call, we will talk about your vision for the photo session. This is your time to share any specific poses, themes, or props you'd like to incorporate. Also, discuss any preferences regarding the style of photography, such as candid shots versus posed portraits. 

03. Outfits
Coordinate outfits for the family that complement each other without being too matchy-matchy. Choose a color scheme or theme that works well together and reflects your family's personality. Avoid busy patterns or logos that can be distracting in photos. 

04. Plan Props and Accessories
Consider incorporating props or accessories that add interest to the photos and reflect your family's interests or hobbies. This could be anything from balloons and blankets to sports equipment or musical instruments.

05. Prepare the Kids (and Adults)
If you have young children, prepare them for the photo session by explaining what to expect and emphasizing the importance of cooperation. Make sure everyone is well-rested and fed before the session to minimize crankiness.

06. Arrive Early
Plan to arrive at the location a little early to allow time for any last-minute adjustments and to ensure you're ready to start the session on time.

07. Relax and Have Fun
Once the photo session begins, try to relax and enjoy the experience. Trust your photographer's guidance and allow moments of spontaneity to shine through. Encourage natural interactions and genuine smiles to capture authentic family moments.

08.Preserve the Memories
Display your favorite family photos in your home or create a photo album to cherish for years to come. Consider scheduling regular family photo sessions to document how your family grows and changes over time.

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