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Tips to Having a Florida Beach Wedding

Imagine walking down the isles with the sand between your toes, you can hear the sound of crashing waves crashing, and you can feel the warmth of the golden setting sun. Florida beaches are the perfect place to say "i do."

Here are some tips to start planning your beach wedding or elopement.

Location + Style

Florida has so many different types of beaches. All unique to the area it's in. Atlantic coast beaches have a light brown colored sand, cool breezes, big waves, and sun rises. They slightly resemble California beaches. Where as the Gulf coast has white sandy beaches filled with seashells, emerald green like waters, calmer waves, and ombre sunsets.

When it comes to style, don't feel limited to your colors and theme. Tropical or nautical theme is not everyone's favorite. Just remember to keep it simple.


The best months of the year in Florida are between November and April when temperatures are still cool and there is a lower chance of rain. Mornings or evenings are more recommended than afternoon to avoid the hottest times of the day, as well as provide stunning natural light for your photos.


Be smart about your setup. Consider your seating style and weight of decor. If you haven't booked with a venue or a decor team, odds are you or a family member will be setting up and breaking.

Set up a comfort station for your guests to stop at as they arrive. Depending on the time of year, the temperature could differ. If it's warmer, offer personalized fans or customized water before they take their seats. If it's cooler, pashminas are great way to keep your guests warm.

Back Up Plan

No matter how much planning, sometimes you can't prevent mother nature from doing her thing. Have a plan B just in case. There are many beachfront venues that offer alternative spaces. Make sure to ask about back up plan options when touring venues. If you are not working with a venue and just using public beach space below are a couple plan B options.

  • Reserve a tent - Tents may or may not be allowed on your beach location. Check on the beach or parks website to confirm their event rules and regulations.

  • Incorporate umbrellas - This is a fun / trendy way to stay outdoors as planned and keep your guest comfortable.

  • Play the waiting game - Depending on the severity of the weather, you may have to hold your start time for a hour or two.

  • Roll with the weather! - A little rain never hurt nobody. If you're determined to marry the love of your life, rain or shine. Im there for it and it will make for some AMAZING photos!


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